About Us.

Nainesh Mutha Architects is a Creative Design Studio offering comprehensive service for Architecture & Interior Design.

Our Background.

NMA offers a highly personalised bespoke design solution with a precise focus on building strong client relationship by adopting a tailor made design approach for each project. With passion and bright vision in mind, the core purpose of this firm since its inception has been to ‘Inspire Creativity’!


We listen to the real needs of the client, understand their lifestyle so that we can clearly project the dream that our client came to seek. By embracing a humanistic approach that considers not only a client’s needs and site considerations, but also the cultural & economic environment, solutions are realized that are contextual, yet conceptual and visionary in their intent, effect, and appeal. We believe in simplicity and functionality in design with a touch of sophistication. At NMA, Design solutions are inspired with the following design values, which find physical expression in ways directly related to the particular client, program and design brief:

Working Contextually.

Every project is unique in its surroundings. No matter how common the use – whether it is residential, hospitality, office – every project has a distinct mix of site influences: geography, history, landscape, urban. We find some of our greatest design inspiration in the context. By working back and forth between the design of the building and analysis of the site, a strong connection can be developed between the two.

Honesty of Materials.

If architecture is the statement, materials are the words: how we communicate our design. We choose materials based on their particular properties and rarely try to alter or conceal them. Materials can express the relationship of the project to the site, to the landscape, or to an idea. Through materials we can define qualities of space to suit a specific use.

Shared Landscape.

As part of our keenness to connect each project to its surroundings, we often work to blend interior and exterior spaces into a single, fluid experience. Whether this means opening rooms onto concealed courtyards, or pulling the landscape into the home via folded gardens, we aim to infuse natural light, air, and views throughout as much of the interior as possible.

Expression of Technique.

A physical characteristic can connect the project to its site and contribute to its unique identity. On every project, we develop custom details, which are inspired by the materials we use, analysis of the context, and performance. We see each detail as an opportunity to express our ingenuity, as we seek the most direct and honest approach to a problem, in pursuit of an elegant solution.


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